Delinquente - Queensland Only

Est. 2013

Region / Riverland, SA

Winemakers / Con-Greg Grigoriou

Fruit Source / Contract

Farming / Organic

Greg Grigoriou profile.jpg

In the Financial Review in 2017, Max Allen wrote about the significance of the fact that the quality and style of Con-Greg’s Delinquente wine label is shining a spotlight on the Riverland wine district, known until very recently entirely for cheap, bulk wine. And that this feat itself “May not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s nothing short of revolutionary.”

At 30 years old, the revolutionary Con-Greg finds himself in his sixth year at the helm of what started as a far smaller wine project, intended to showcase wines of quality from the Riverland’s mediterranean varieties. After growing up in and surrounded by the Riverland industry with his father and grandfather, it wasn’t until after leaving the region and pursuing something else that he had the idea of returning in order to make wines that could redefine attitudes of his home wine region.

The business is maturing - and global. The label has an edge of punk rocker-like grunge attitude. The wines are clean, fruit forward and playful: savoury edged Pet Nats; floral Nero d’Avola Rosato with a thread of varietal tar; Vermentino with a sweet floral nose and long dry finish; and luscious reds that are clearly Australian in nature but showcase their Italian varietal heritage.

All but the Blanco d'Alessano is sourced from Bruce Bassham’s certified organic site in the Barmera township of the Riverland district. The Blanco comes from the Sherwood Vineyards in Loxton.  


Currently Available

Screaming Betty

Roxanne The Razor
Nero D'avola Montepulciano

Bulet Dodger

Hell Red
Montepulciano Nero D'Avola