Yokel by Dormilona

Est. 2019

Region / Swan River, Western Australia

Winemaker / Josephine Perry

Fruit Source / Contract

Farming / Conventional


We welcome Yokel by Dormilona to the Naked Bunch family. These wines are fun lovin' yet seriously good-looking from the Swan Valley, Western Australia’s oldest wine region. Naturally made at the Dormilona winery.

“LITTLE HISTORY: Going back now, the Whadjuk Noongar people have lived in the region for over 45,000 years. They believe the Wagyl, a dreamtime serpent, carved out the land and waterways, and still lives hidden in the Swan River today. Swan River Colony was established in 1829 & the first vines were planted the very next year. From here it went booming along. Mostly southern European families grew the vines for wine, table grapes & dried fruit. Still today, the Swan Valley wineries are mainly small family-run businesses. However, the increased clearing of land for agriculture and housing has harmed native wildlife and fauna.

WESTERN SWAMP TORTOISE: Native to the waterways of Swan River and is currently the most critically endangered reptile in Australia. They are damn cute with a yellow-brown or black shell, short neck covered in knobbles, webbed feet with claw and only growing to size of your palm. It is not your everyday tortoise, and that’s why it’s the mascot and friend of Dormilona.

This Tortoise is our Yokel. The country bumpkin that is coming to the big smoke to get up to some mischief. Dressed to impress from the era that the vines were planted for these wines”. - Jo Perry


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