Two Metre Tall

Farmhouse Ale & Cider

Est. 2005

Region / Derwent Valley, TAS

Owners / Ashley & Jane Huntington

Ashley Huntington - Two Metre Tall

Australia’s most frenetic & busiest one-man brewery, Ashley Huntington’s Two Metre Tall has just launched his seasonal release, including some very exciting aged brews. For those of you not familiar with Two Metre Tall, allow us to introduce to you who we think is Australia’s most important boutique brewer, and why.

The notion of producing wild fermented beer with the same farming & production philosophies as a small, natural wine producer makes perfect sense to one in the wine game but is far from common practice in brewing. In fact, it’s extremely rare.

Two Metre Tall is a small batch estate brewer, with the brewery and cellar is on the farm. Ashley & Jane Huntington farm 580 Ha in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley, growing grain, hops & a herd of cattle. They also source spelt, hops and other ingredients directly from growers around Tasmania. Much like a natural winemaker prefers estate grown fruit, fermented on indigenous yeasts to fully express the flavours of the site, Ashley is brewing complex ales and ciders utilising wild yeasts and other local microflora. These wild ferments are extremely complex, with multiple organisms operating simultaneously.


Currently available

Cleansing Ale

Tasmanian River Series Ales

Aromatic Spelt Ale

Farmhouse Cider

Farmhouse Dry Apple Cider