St Ronan’s Cider

Region / Yarra Valley, VIC

Owners / Eric Dreissen & Troy Jones

St Ronan's Cider

Based at a small farm in the Yarra Valley, St Ronan’s Cider is a small set-up, a collaboration of mates Troy Jones & Eric Dreissen. At the time of writing I am aware of only two other cider producers in Australia who work only with apples and pears, using no concentrates, water addition or other chemical manipulation. Likewise, the apple ciders produced are produced solely from apples (most on the market contain a large proportion of pear concentrate).

All the fruit used for St Ronan’s Ciders are table variety apples & pears and sourced entirely from within the Yarra Valley.

Freshly released is the refreshing St Ronan’s Draught Cider available in 30L disposable keg and in 330mL stubbies. The cider is lower in gas than its commercially produced counterparts and shows a core of savoury apple flavour with an edge of sweetness. A terrific product of passion and commitment from two very busy blokes.

While the Draught cider is where the bulk of volume is now focused, St Ronan’s was established initially to produce Normandy style ciders, bottle conditioned in the same way Champagne is (though for six months rather than 18). Base ciders are made from apple & pear juice. These are then put through a secondary fermentation process in bottle, according to the Champenois’ Methode Traditionelle. These base ciders ferment a second time in bottle, creating carbonation, and then sit on yeast lees for an additional six months to build complexity & texture. The ciders are then riddled by hand, rested & disgorged by hand before being topped up with a dosage, corked, muzzled & rested before release.

The Methode Traditionelle (MT) ciders are best suited to food matching, particularly as part of a degustation, or as appetiser (apple) or digestif (pear).

We are very proud to represent wildly commercially successful ciders made with such integrity and passion on such a small scale.


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